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An ordinary working family man dares reach beyond his grasp. Even if it means risking death at the hands of the drug underworld.

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Essex Vendetta movie full length review - Another diabolical British movie

I think you struggle with this one, because Essex Vendetta starts so positively, then all of a sudden your on a crash course of awfulness.

The editing is diabolical, sound mix..... what sound mix. The attack on a Russian hairdressing assistant its creatively shocking, an editing abortion so shocking my five year old son could do better.

Westbrook appears off her nut on drugs, alcohol or something else. Rhodes plays the same character she always plays, McKell does his best Dennis Waterman a'la Little Britain sings the theme tune, writes the theme tune, acts in the film, writes the story.

The film feels like it was made up as they went along, the Maltese locations swapped sometimes for Maldon, the rest actually in Malta.

Despite the poor editing, poor acting, and poor script, the worst part of the movie is the awful sound, recorded and "mixed" I use the term lightly terrible.

Definitely a film to avoid.