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Two wronged women dish out vigilante justice ala Kill Bill’s “Bride”.

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Even Lambs Have Teeth movie full length review - Best enjoyed in a light mood with many cocktails

I saw this movie at its "world premiere" in Denver in October 2015. The cast and crew were on hand to talk about it before and after. This review is spoiler free because there is very little to spoil.

The film is a quick 80 min. So quick that it feels rushed, not much thought was put into the most crucial scenes. The actors said it took 3 weeks to shoot, 12 hours a day, but it felt more like they had banged it out in a few days. Things happen very suddenly and with very little weight or consequence. I'm guessing that's due to the very low budget. Most of the action occurs off-screen, something the crew claims to be intentional, but I suspect it was also the effect of limited funds and even more limited imagination, since there are plenty of low-budget films who managed way more creative solutions in the face of scarce financing.

There are, to be fair, a few really funny moments, but on the whole the entire script is too ludicrous to take even halfway seriously. If somebody invites you to see this film, bring a bottle of booze and settle in. You're in for a night of amateurish acting and terrible puns. These lambs may have teeth, but they're small and dull.