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A young man hell bent on revenge uses dark forces to reanimate a recently unearthed mummy.

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Evil Exhumed movie full length review - What a mess.

If you look at some of the "actor's" credits you'll see this movie is their only credit and maybe their last. Really really bad acting, no suspense, thrills or shock value.

It fails not only as a horror movie but a movie in general. Just a bunch of guys running around in the woods with their shirts off and the only woman in the "movie" looking bored as hell. A native American mummy with gauze bandages around its head and white pants and shirt designed to look like bandages killing everyone with a metal hand scythe that looks like they picked it up at the Home Depot and wrapped some feathers around it to give it that native feel. I can't imagine it took more than an afternoon to make this "film" and cost more than a few cases of beer.