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Obsessed with her sexy roommate, Jill violently imprisons Jennifer in their apartment in a twisted attempt to bring them closer together.

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Excess Flesh movie full length review - Chewing The Fat

A horror film dealing with eating disorders and mental illness. This one has a young lady named Jill who has given up on life and has let herself go in every aspect.

Never bothering to work or even wash she just hangs around the house cooking or eating. She gets the odd Skype call from her alcoholic mother who doesn't appear to have all her buttons. Jill stays with a roommate who is her exact opposite and works as a model. Jill hits her breaking point after a fight and chains up her roommate in the bathroom kicking the film into gear.

This film is like a food porn. Its repulsive for sure when you get the close ups of chewed food in someone's mouth or food all over there face and all over there clothes but that is what you get here. The director liked doing trippy sequences in vivid colour of Gummy Worms, cakes and Pop Tarts being chewed, smashed and spit out. The place where they lived has never been cleaned and you can just imagine the vileness. It was just a disgusting film and I liked it.

The music in this one is superb. The same dude that did Starry Eyes music did this one. The dream sequences were well shot as well. You might get perturbed with the ending but not too bad overall. If you don't get grossed out watching people eat with there mouths open all the time you'll be able to watch this one.