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A former CIA operative is kidnapped by a group of terrorists. When his son learns there is no plan for his father to be saved, he launches his own rescue operation.

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Extraction movie full length review - When is Bruce Willis going to pay back his fans like me?

Bruce Willis has always been one of my favourites. I adore the man and I have stood by him through everything. That adoration is wearing thin.

He now has at least a half dozen films over the past ten years that are literally garbage. They are straight to video junk and yet rumour has that he's a money grubbing, hard to work with individual. But I suppose if he's selling out to the highest bidder, these D- Movie makers are cashing in on his name because some of us will get suckered into watching him again and again. Extraction shows some hints at potential. It is barely there but it is there. The opening scene in fact where we get to watch action hero/legend Bruce Willis kick some serious a$$ in old school fashion made me think...okay maybe this will be something and then it crashes faster than a speeding rocket. They went out and found names that might intrigue action fans and put them in a rotten horrible story with terrible direction pacing and acting that is excruciating to watch. The only saving grace and the reason it isn't getting a big fat zero is the few scenes that have good choreography so they must have really lucked out and actually found someone talented. But even that doesn't make watching this crap worthwhile. The only good thing to come of it is that it makes the last Die Hard film look majestic.

Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis. Many people have said he's always the same and while I don't entirely agree with that it seems like his blasé performances as of late certainly prove he's just going through the motions. He has a hard nosed edge to him in this film and a few moments of intensity and he's more than a flash in the pan cameo but not much more. Do you remember when Kellan Lutz was the next potential "It" man in Hollywood? Me neither but I think they tried after Twilight but Hercules pretty much solidified that he can't be a leading man. Now he headlines this drudge and he's still the same boring, barely supporting character he always is. He simply doesn't have the chops and his charisma is terrible. Sorry Kellan. But he isn't the worst part of the film. Does anyone remember when Hollywood wanted to make UFC Fighter Gina Carano the next big action star? I do. It was Haywire and everyone was talking about it and it was so awful, I could barely make it through. Well she was Oscar worthy in that compared to this. It's like watching a terrible high school performance. She cannot act period and I don't know why they try. She is bad bad bad!! It's actually painful watching her. Supporting actors D.B. Sweeney actually does okay but his role is very small, same with Steve Coulter. Coulter and Sweeney should have headlined the film.

It shouldn't surprise me that director Steven Miller doesn't have a lot of experience and what he does have is definitely B-Movie. The best of his I saw was the Silent Night remake and that was only out of sheer campy fun. He likes to do B-Horror but doesn't do it very well and doesn't know how to use a very low budget. The story is tired and over used and without some solid performances or direction or something to help the story along. Extraction simply isn't worth it. Even for Willis fans if I could go back I wouldn't have even bothered. A total miss. 3/10