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When a young couple hires a carpenter to help renovate a home they’ve purchased to flip, they get more than they bargained for when the carpenter interferes in their lives and sabotages their efforts to remodel.

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Fatal Flip movie full length review - Unintentionally funny

It's about time they made a movie about a nightmare contractor - there is potential. A foolish couple decide to buy an old house and fix it and flip it within 45 days. Yeah 45 days.

They get the help of a contractor they met at a hardware store who turns out to be a psycho. Of course there are lots of tools around to dismember with.

The cast isn't stellar. Remember Dominique Swain who had some big roles as a youngster ? She plays one half of the couple. Tatyana Ali from Fresh Prince plays her friend. The contractor isn't that hot but the guy of the couple looks suitably foolish.

This story could have been better. Not a must see.