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Horror junkie Joe Foster gets to live out his ultimate scary movie fantasy courtesy of Fear Inc., a company that specializes in giving you the fright of your life. But as lines blur between what is and is not part of the game, Joe's dream come true begins to look more like a nightmare.

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Fear, Inc. movie full length review - Demo Game

The only way this SCREAM-fest could've been more meta is if, on Friday THE 13th, I SAW this movie about a HOSTEL on ELM STREET that took place during HALLOWEEN. So. Who's GAME?

Okay, a few of those are true, some aren't, and to figure out which is all part of the game?to beat the dead horror analogy.

The movie's much better than I'm leading on. Some scenes, unbelievably for me, actually did make me jump and it doesn't just resemble the fantastic movie, The Game, it's a nice companion piece. It's a much lighter, quicker and less thought-provoking version. Like if you're in a hurry, want more horror than suspense and want to leave your brain at the door.

Incredible douchebag Joe wants to up the ante of frights while simultaneously freeloading and hosting his friends. He calls an agency of Fear to set in motion a game to feed upon his love of slasher/horror movies. Only, is it a game? Or is everyone in on it?

Personally, I'm with Joe. Well, the horror-loving, slasher-obsessed fan part, anyways. I grew up with and practically memorized all of Jason's kills, Freddy's incarnations and Michael's stalking. But, unlike Joe, I doubt, as I am much older now than when I became infatuated with these screen legends, I would want to *live* out a slasher night. It's fun to see it on screen and know it's not real ? plus the never-ending nostalgia of it all ? but it would be heart-attack-inducing to carry it to fruition.

This film's not perfect, some of it's completely far-fetched and implausible and it's so caught up on the "is it/isn't it real?" bit that it's more gimmick than suspenseful. But, that all said, I had fun and it was one of those rare movies that the second half is ten times better than the first half.

If you love the subgenre of slasher horror and the Michael Douglas/David Fincher classic, The Game, as much as I do, you'll probably want to give Fear, Inc. a call. Or watch.


Final thoughts: Like I said, the second half's better than the first, but make sure you stick with it. Sometimes, it tried so hard to be tongue-in-cheek and make references to other horror movies that it felt like it was trying to be shrewder than it was. This was NO 'Scream.' And it was trying so hard to cram in as many references as possible by merely mentioning them, I could never tell if this was meant to be a comedy. Luckily?the second half took over and the movie really takes off then.