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Horror junkie Joe Foster gets to live out his ultimate scary movie fantasy courtesy of Fear Inc., a company that specializes in giving you the fright of your life. But as lines blur between what is and is not part of the game, Joe's dream come true begins to look more like a nightmare.

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Fear, Inc. movie full length review - Funny With Lots Of Twists

You never know what you're going to get when you go to see an indie with no major stars (albeit a fun cameo from Scream Queens star Abigail Breslin) at a film festival (Tribeca for this one), so was pleasantly surprised when this one didn't disappoint.

Fear Inc is about a company that takes haunted houses to a more extreme level. The main character doesn't take life seriously and is always looking for an adrenaline rush, so when he finds out about the company, he calls them and things really kick off. He immediately thinks all the weird things happening to he and his friends are a part of the deal, but then things get twisty and we aren't really sure. Turns into more of a thriller from there.

Main cast is really good, mainly TV actors. And a lot of funny cameos (jump to conclusions guy from office space is in it and so funny). I saw one of the twists coming, but others got me. Definitely recommend checking out whenever it's available after the festival.