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When a mysterious man stops a world wide storm with the swipe of his hand, life as we know it changes, and the source of his divine power must be found before humanity self destructs.

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Feast of the Body movie full length review - Time lost forever

This movie took 1 hour 23 minutes to tell 5 minutes of story.

I had to force myself 4 times to keep watching.

Example: Girl wakes up on the floor and says, "Where is everybody?" before she even gets up and "looks" for everybody.

After the first 13 minutes of solitude, I was frequently thinking, "We get it, already. He's in solitude."

Probably one of the worst things was the obscure voice coming from the speaker(s) in the cell. I'd bet 50% of it was indecipherable to most people. it was too distorted to add anything of value to the story without excessive effort and/or rewinding and listening several times.

Time from my life lost forever.