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A documentary that follows Will Ferrell as he takes the field in five Major League Baseball training games, playing all nine positions for ten different teams in a single day.

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Ferrell Takes the Field movie full length review - project for good

At first I thought it was a movie, then I noticed that there were small interviews which made me realize it was a documentary.

the documentary was funny in ways because of what happened to him throughout that one of playing baseball but in my opinion I didn't really like the documentary. it wasn't appealing to me because its baseball. Although he raised 1 million dollars for scholarships for students who have survived cancer. this documentary was for a good cause and for the world to see it. Ferrell did this fun raiser in memory of someone who had cancer that I believe past away but I don't remember. overall for someone who has great interest in baseball and will Ferrell they should totally watch this documentary and see how he fails but succeeds and somewhat enjoys what he has done and did for people who have survived cancer.