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A gritty, international tale of four separate stories woven together by a common theme: the Rapture.

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Final: The Rapture movie full length review - Kind of a mixed bag, but it still deserves at least an 8 (my take on it anyway)


- Epic scope: This is without a doubt the biggest faith-based end times movie ever made. The exact budget of the film is unknown, but due to its locations, I would guess at $15 million. And the film-makers really make sure you're aware of how expensive the movie would've been to make, with a number of staggering exotic locations featuring tanks and helicopters. Even a riot scene at staples center (although I'm not sure if that was cgi).....

- Actors: All very good in this movie, and is definitely one of the best things about the film. The four characters make for compelling and likable heroes who have to rely more on their intelligence than physical power. .......

- Action scenes: As mentioned before, there's a ton of end times action in this movie. And yes, a lot of them are CGI, which I personally don't have a problem with because there were so many it's unlikely they could've done a lot of these scenes without it. The planes sequence is great and the taking over of the subway car is good - made you feel the rapture was coming, man.........


- Lack of gore: Now don't get me wrong, I'm a Christian, and I don't need blood and guts in every single movie I watch. But with end times films, gory violence is a necessity. You need to see people getting ripped apart to emphasise how they are literally the "end" is and you need to see humans die graphic deaths to reinforce how much of a threat the last days can be. But this film wants to appeal to pretty much anyone aged 10 and up and that it's "Christian" so of course we get very little blood, plus no on-screen guts, severed limbs, or exploding heads.

- Shaky cam: This kind of ties in with the lack of gore; it's like the cameraman is shying away from the more graphic moments (it's The Hunger Games all over again). The shaky cam's only really noticeable in the film's first half hour though, while the rapture is just beginning, so it's not a huge problem. Still a little bothersome though.....

- Unfulfilling ending: This movie does end in an abrupt fashion, and kind of left me wanting more. It ends very suddenly, and I kind of thought to myself- "really? That's it?" That being said, the jarringly sudden ending could be seen as a good thing - amazing scene in the end put a lump in my throat

- Slight lack of tension: The movie lacks some much needed suspense because it's basically a character study on these guys saving themselves.I don't know, a few more well-developed side characters would've gone quite a long way in making me more invested in the film's events.

So there's my thoughts on this film. It's a mixed bag, but ultimately I'd recommend it. I give it a solid 8, no doubt. It's worth seeing at the cinema just for those spectacular exotic locations. It's flawed as though, so go in with moderate expectations. It could be a whole lot better, but ultimately the film's still pretty decent, and a good one to experience on the big screen. It's certainly better than 90% of the summer blockbusters and it made me really question my faith like no film before....in a sense that deserves a higher score....