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Vine, a disillusioned demon, is forced into a choice to save his brethren or an innocent human girl.

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Fire City: End of Days movie full length review - Original idea, needs refinement

Despite the low budget of 200 000 USD, I sat through that movie without, checking my watch, composing grocery shopping list or thinking what will my day at work be like tomorrow.

I think its original. There were movies about monsters living among humans but usually its different. Here we have a run down apartment building with different monsters/demons living in it, who have a parasitic relationship with other human tenants where they feed of their misery, pain, anger and fear. It was very clever how all monsters see each other as they are but humans see them as normal people, this is actually explained somewhat. But there are many loose ends and unexplained aspects that drag the movie down.

The story revolves around a caretaker of the building, Adam, who apparently is a demon who doesn't need to feed on other peoples emotions and has a soft spot for the 11 year old girl who he protects. In turn he brings down the wrath of other supernatural tenants who begin to starve because of his actions.

If anything the violence and misery were not shown vividly enough. It should be more drastic. More severe, more bloody. Horrors are meant to be brutal, this one is not so much. Scenes of violence were theatrical and not to real. Hinting that a big black man(very stereotypical) in a dirty wife-beater is going to rape a 11 year old girl, somehow was done is such a way that it wasn't even disturbing. And its not very disturbing when we find out that he did.

The movie is almost entirely shot indoors, most likely on the same floor of an apartment building or set that looks like one. Masks and makeup are pretty nice, not computer animated, some clever others like monsters from Power Rangers. That could use improvement.

This is not a movie I would recommend for anyone. Geeky audience will find it amusing. Others might not like it. It is not worse than some TV series I seen, so sit back, pop open a beer and take it for what it is.