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When a mysterious orb of light strikes a deep water oil rig, the massive explosion erupts into a ball of flames creating a swirling mass of clouds and fire. As the twister begins to move ...

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Fire Twister movie full length review - I have no words for whatever this was.

Wow! I just can't wrap my head around how bad this film is. And I LOVE disaster movies. Movies made by "The Asylum", yea I actually like them. But this?

The graphics look like a two year old was in charge. If you are going to make a movie heavy on graphics, try investing in those graphics or don't make the movie! The plot is horrible. And the acting, really really bad. But I could deal with that if only the graphics were half way decent! I'd rather watch Sharknado then ever watch this movie again. Don't waste your time. I don't understand why this movie was ever made. I have literally never watched a disaster movie I hated this much.