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Fishing Naked is a comedy. It is a film about four young adults being bad in the woods. They pull Bigfoot hoaxes, scare tourists, disrespect their elders, hook up and smoke dope. That is until they realize there is an alien creature they have inadvertently put in harms way with all the attention they have been attracting to their rural mountain community. As their relationships fray, they hatch a half-baked plot to pull the biggest hoax yet to right their wrongs by deliberately getting caught in the act.

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Fishing Naked movie full length review - Of all the bad movies you could watch, this one is the best

An attempt at a slick Hollywood comedy, which is why it comes off as amateurish, since there just wasn't enough money involved to pull that off.

This is especially apparent in the soundtrack, which consists of the same punk rock sample looped over and over in every music-backed scene from beginning to end. Visual effects were just this side of acceptable. Directing and acting were almost there but not quite (Elyse Levesque was one notable exception, who aside from being beautiful also manages to craft a convincingly unique and interesting character).


Why? Well, for all its shortcomings, there is an apparent effort and care here on the parts of all involved (director, writers, actors, etc), resulting in what I suppose I would call an unexpected innocent charm; which not only kept me watching but also had me enjoying nearly every minute. I also feel the movie's current rating is unduly harsh and it deserves a little more recognition.

Bad indie movies normally leave me struggling to keep my brain from liquifying and leaking out my ear, as they pretend to be something better than they are. This is a film that knows its limits and plays within them. It helps that the story was more original than most films of this ilk, and the production values were actually a lot better than they should have been given the constraints. I should also note that the genre of "comedy" doesn't entirely fit, as there aren't many actual attempts to make the audience laugh. This is more of a lighthearted rompy adventure, and in that regard I feel it could please more than disappoint, as long as you don't go in with other expectations.

I think this writer/director could pull off some truly great work with just a little more money, and I will definitely be waiting for his next film. The actors also have great potential. In the meantime, this made for a fun little indie outing, even if it was neither slick nor artsy.

PS. Despite the probably-true claim that most of the reviews so far for this movie were posted by fake accounts or people close to the production, I'm not one of those. I've been on IMDb for 11 years, have posted 50 other reviews, and had nothing to do with the production of this movie, nor do I have any connection to anyone who did.