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The lives of vastly separate people collide in interweaving stories of liberty, identity, tolerance, responsibility and class.

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Five Pillars movie full length review - 10/10 Brilliant !!! A must see

Cracking movie, it was quite similar to,This is England, really enjoyable movie and it touches on a taboo subject, which is affecting modern society, that is the difficulty so

ldiers face and and the issues they experience trying to adjust to living as a normal member of society, after the horrors of war and the constant paranoia that haunts them. Overall, the movie was action packed and full of suspense. Also, i really enjoyed the twist, which i must say was a pleasant surprise and it had scratching my head afterwards.It's one of them movies you have to watch twice to really understand especially after the twist. It's definitely worth a watch, one of the best independent movies i have watched in quite a while.