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A hard living "bad girl" in her mid 50's lives a gritty life in a West Texas trailer park with her doormat boyfriend and grown daughter, but her obsession with a past love could lead to the complete destruction of what little she has left.

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Flowers in December movie full length review - One Tough Living

Great short film. In the vein of a good hard living flick (think 70s Cassavetes), this is a lot about the perils of your history catching up to you.

With all the god awful short movies I saw last night, this was the only one that stood out. One, because of the performance by Dee Wallace. My God, this woman has reinvented herself, and has shed her past persona. And two, the life she's lived is etched completely on her body. There is something about unrepentant people who surround themselves with decent people that makes it heartbreaking. It's gritty in the sense that we are seeing a reality we never want to devolve into.

Excellent work by Mr. Mollner. This guy knows how to make movies.