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When a Priest discovers his wife is deathly ill, he decides to go against his faith and use his knowledge of exorcisms to possess her in order to save her life.

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Forsaken movie full length review - There are things wrong butt?

Yes there are things wrong with this exocicim horror flick Looks a bit low budget,but the main actor does the best With what he has to go with, The film delivers the genuine scares but it also is a Little in cohesive at times jumping from one thing to another.

But maybe if you like these exorcism movies its probably worth you having a look for yourself,its not going to be a waste of you time to sit through Forsaken. 6 out of 10 a solid effort there is nothing that we ain't seen before Except this little film does have scary moments. So forgive the bad moments and enjoy the scary ones. I liked this movie because the possessed people were really out of control and well they certainly pass the possessed test with flying colours,there are so many of these films today its getting harder to choose the good from the bad but this one thou not a gem it is a great piece of costume.