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Frackman tells the story of accidental activist Dayne Pratzky and his struggle against international gas companies. Australia will soon become the world's biggest gas exporter as more than 30,000 'fracked' wells are sunk in the state of Queensland where Dayne lives. He and his neighbours have unwittingly become the centre of a massive industrial landscape and they have no legal right to stop mining on their land. Dayne embarks on a journey that transforms him from conservative pig-shooter to sophisticated global activist as the Frackman. He meets the people drawn into a battle that is crossing the ideological divide, bringing together a peculiar alliance of farmers, activists and political conservatives. Along the way Dayne encounters love, tragedy and triumph.

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Frackman movie full length review - An eye opener

I came to the Newcastle premiere of Frackman as a bit of a novice on environmental issues and came away both educated and impressed.

From the opening topographic shots of farming fields accompanied by cool 60's music I knew I would probably enjoy this grassroots story.

The main character, Dwayne is not your stereotypical dread locked activist, but an average Aussie bloke caught in a battle with big business, similar in a way to the fictional battle represented in "The Castle". the difference being that this a compelling real issue that affects more than one person or one postcode. I would recommend this movie for anyone interested in environmental issues, and anyone wanting to be educated on the effects of coal seam gas mining