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A group of native Liberian missionaries make a desperate cross-country trip through their war torn country to save one of their own.

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Freetown movie full length review - Powerful & Exceptionally Well Made

FREETOWN is not only a powerful and exciting true story of faith but it is also an exceptionally well made independent film.

It is a film that is even better upon a second viewing as you come to know the individual people in the story better. Without well known actors it is difficult to keep the seven missionaries strait as they are trying to escape the rebel fighting to the safety of Freetown on the first viewing. The second time through they come alive. A helpful hint for viewers of this film on either Blu-ray or DVD would be to activate the sub-titles. While spoken in English the accents can be hard to follow at times and the sub-titles help greatly. The cast is outstanding down to the smallest part and the cinematography in Africa is often stunning. Incredible use of high shots done with a drone make the film look far richer than its small budget would normally provide for. Many of these are stunning and all had a dramatic life to the film. This is an independent film that looks every bit as good as anything a Hollywood studio would turn out. The direction, scripting, music and performances all work together to provide a experience that is uplifting and unforgettable. Garrett Batty, the director of "The Saratov Approach", is a talent to watch. Highly recommended.