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Fresh Dressed chronicles the history of Hip-Hop | Urban fashion and its rise from southern cotton plantations to the gangs of 1970s in the South Bronx, to corporate America, and everywhere in-between. Supported by rich archival materials and in depth interviews with individuals crucial to the evolution of a way of life--and the outsiders who studied and admired them--Fresh Dressed goes to the core of where style was born on the black and brown side of town.

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Fresh Dressed movie full length review - Pretty accurate look at the history of fashion in Hip Hop.

I'm old enough to remember some of the things that the documentary is talking about and old enough to experience some of the other things, so it was cool to see the doc and reminisce over were I was at in my life at the time.

Plus, the documentary gives me this behind the scenes look of what I only knew from a consumers stand point.

Of course my favorite part was the stuff I did not know or vaguely remember, that takes us back to Hip hop's golden era. Hip Hop is getting old and now becoming history, no longer considered a fad by the mainstream media that said it was when I was growing up.

The documentary shares a lot of Old School footage with another documentary called Rubble Kings, which is about how gang violence turned into Hip Hop. This movie touches on that too, but from the prospective of Fashion.

The movie does really work if you're into fashion as it goes through the trends of Hip Hop from the core beginnings to the present. Although, I feel that they did kind of speed through certain trends in order to showcase more so the men and women behind Hip Hop fashion, especially those from the black community. Which was great, cause for me I knew the names of these guys but not the faces and their origins

I'm definitely glad to see docs like this are coming out about the history of Hip Hop