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A new take on the classic story of a group of twenty-something kids' weekend of terror at the lake house.

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Freshwater movie full length review - Interesting

Now I am not saying that this movie is going to win an Oscar, but I would not say that it is awful. I have seen awful and this movie isn't it.

Kinda reminds me of something I would see on Sunday on the Scifi channel. I gather with a low budget it's hard to make the alligator look super realistic and Deputy Douche is well not fabulous, but I still liked the movie. I love horror movies and while this is not the scariest movie that I have ever watched, it was still a good movie. I would much rather watch this then some cheesy horror flick on the lifetime channel. Zoe Bell did a GREAT job as did Joe Lando and Tom O'Connell. AS for Christopher Biewer, he needs to find another profession. He was the whole reason that I had any big issue with the film. That is why I have lovingly named him Deputy Douche.