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A thriller directed by Simon Verhoeven.

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Friend Request movie full length review - Self Awareness is the key

Movie - Know what you are!

Needless to say I (like most of us) went into this with no expectations. I do love me some scary movies now and then and when I saw this I figured "well, can't be too bad". And at first, it wasn't! I was actually mildly surprised by the fact that I didn't hate the characters, as generic as they are, and the animation done by the soon-to-be-murderous-spirit-girl in the beginning was actually well done. In fact - if they integrated that animation into the story, for instance - make the animation some sort of alternate reality from which the spirit comes and only there can it be stopped, they could have actually made something creative and refreshing. Alas, it's all downhill from there - You have the main characters and the secondary ones, and of course - the secondary ones are being taken out first, slowly working the way to the inner core characters. So you have 10 minutes of exposition / investigation, 5 minutes of supernatural murder, rinse and repeat. That was about an hour of the film, and I was fine with that, I did not expect much to begin with. But the ending, oh god. If they just made it simple, last survivors duke it out with the ghost and either kick it's ass or just make peace with it so it moves on, it would make an acceptable ending to a not-so-bad film. But no, they just had to be "interesting". I won't go into detail, but the last 10 minutes of this film made me think "yeah, that would be cool! If it was 2004".

Hence - my title for this review. Horror movies need to realize that less is more. You can not be an hour long by the numbers "Killer- spirit" film and then add 2 twists in the last 20 minutes. One is her ex suddenly becoming a maniacal murderer, the other is her becoming that spirit (with no explanation how that happened by the way), not to mention having those 2 ghost bully kids from her school in the factory for no reason (yes I know that's where they found them, but why did they become spirits and her other victims didn't? Movie - you are not good enough to make me come out of this thinking "ohh how mysterious! I hope they make a sequel!". No, you just throw in unexplained sequences which just make me think "what the hell does this even have to do with the rest of it?...".

Overall, aside from the ending, it wasn't too bad. The score was actually pretty good, the music throughout the film was pretty immersing. The actors were decent. The overloaded ending kinda ruined it for me. If you like run of the mill horror films, give it a go, but don't expect much.