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The story centers on a young couple on a road trip through the Irish countryside who encounter an ancient force of evil.

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From the Dark movie full length review - Characters that don't think.

I don't normally write reviews on IMDb, but after watching this movie I felt compelled to just point out the unrealistic decision making of the characters.

Warning Spoilers!

OK the concept and the creature are good. It is a different kind of take on the vampire. It's all wraith like and any source of light not just the sun, hurts it. Cool idea! That's why I give this movie four stars.

It goes to hell from there. First off who's house are they in? It seems likely that whoever owns the house is probably the one who staked the vamp and buried it in the field. I'm thinking this because of all the motion detector lights everywhere and the fact that the house is all lit up inside. It's not likely do be the house of the dude digging in the field because why in the hell would he leave all the lights in his house on as he goes out to work in the field?

It doesn't bother me that the couple comes to the house to help the strange acting man. The house is still the best option for them to get help with their car. It does bother me that once the man attacks them and runs off instead of looking for a phone in the home, or just plain staying there because a man just attacked them and ran off into the dark, they decide to follow him outside and then try to go back to their car! Umm, hello someone just attacked you. Why not look for a phone and call the cops? Also, what is going back to their car going to do? It's still stuck!

Once they've been attacked by the big vamp and are on the second floor with the light (by the way it takes them WAY to long to figure out that the creature is harmed by light)they don't assess the situation, look for more light sources (there were candles in the room next to the hallway they where in), and or arm themselves. I mean how hard is it to break off a table leg to use as a club?

The lack of looking for more light sources is a constant problem in this movie. They find one light source and go, "ok this is all we need" Because the creature won't try and destroy it or anything!

When the main character is in the barn and shuts off the lights, I assume it is to try and trap the vamp like she did with her boyfriend before. The problem is she shuts off the lamp and the STEPS AWAY FROM THE LIGHT SWITCH!!!! This makes no sense at all! Also there were two hanging lamps in this room. Even if the vamp took out the one lamp when he grabbed it she still could have turned on the light! WTF!?

Finally, at the end she makes the torch and has a lantern and decides to go off on foot. In the next scene she has ditched the torch and just is using the lantern. Once again these characters don't seem to get that with a monster that is harmed by light more is better! When you see her leaving the barn the sun is clearly starting to rise. There is light on the horizon, but for some reason takes a really long time to come up. The character also chooses to walk through a dark fissure in the ground instead of staying on the open surface where she would be able to see everything around her. She does have light at this point after all!

This movie had a lot of potential, but when characters do stuff that doesn't make sense over and over again it makes it tough for anyone to like it! In the end these character's actions were driven by the demands of the plot and not how a person would react to the situation.