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Thirty-one twisted tales made from a collective of genre loving filmmakers, Fun Size Horror: Volume One aims to chill and delight horror fans. From classic slashers and creature features, to horror-comedy and hauntings all made into bite size pieces. Like a bag of Halloween candy after a night of trick or treating, Fun Size Horror: Volume One is filled with the unexpected and not without the threat of the occasional razor blade. Which leaves only one question: Trick or treat?

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Fun Size Horror: Volume One movie full length review - Hit and Miss, but more Hit!

I am a fan of movies such as The ABC's of Death and the VHS films. This is in a similar vein with it's collection of 2 to 5 minute shorts.

Like the films I mention above, some hit the mark, some almost hit the mark and others range from plain silly to boring but with them each having a very short run time, who cares! Most of the acting is OK, some of it is almost "good". Not enough scares or chills which I think the other films did much better but a few creepy moments, such as Mr. Hendrix, and some chuckles, such as the over over possessive Labrador! I watched it from start to finish and didn't get bored which happens all to often nowadays.