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Fun Size Horror: Volume Two movie full length review - Decent acting and DP ruined by incompetent writing and directing

Watching yuppies make a horror film is like watching a fat guy try on his daughters dress. It never quite fits or works. Steven Spielberg's Amazing stories is scarier then this hell goose bumps is more scary than this crap.

These people will probably go on to have long straight to video careers making American Pie 5 or Super Bad 2 electric boogaloo. I recall in film school being told/warned to stick to what you know that is film school writing 101. There is a reason why Masters of Horror only had two seasons because only a hand full of directors and writers are capable of creating suspense. These writers and directors if that's what they call them self can't even come up with a single original idea stealing from Friday the 13th, Baby blood, Hell Raiser 2 etc., the only reason those films are relevant is because they are original takes on the horror genre that pushed the envelope. Mean while I wouldn't be surprised to find the producer of these pushing the original print of this film series off in an envelope at a pawn shop. VHS makes this series seem like old timey put a penny in the slot and hand crank your own flip book to make it look like a motion picture. I watched the 1st one but had to shut this one off about the fourth, fifth story it was so terribly boring.