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An Algerian secret agent has to destroy an undercover paramilitary organization that plans to strike against the country and its people.

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Gates of the Sun movie full length review - Don't waste your time

No scenario. poor fight scenes. low quality low budget very simple many better out there watch some action film from year 2011-2012 don't watch this please don't waste your time i wonder how come this piece of cake got 7.

5 IMDb votes, i thing many Algerians out there voting not objective enough the quality of the film is really bad why not voting the film as it is why not telling the truth does really just the origin matters really guys don't waste your valuable time for this don't trust the trailers and don't trust the voting points not all films with more than 7 point are good and does not mean it deserves the given points, check the budget check the director, check the reviews off others. best regards...EV.