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The ReZort, a post apocalyptic safari, offers paying guests the opportunity to kill zombies in the wake of an outbreak.

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Generation Z movie full length review - Pools, partying, and killing zombies...

Right, well anything that even remotely reeks of anything zombie, and my interest is caught. And I hadn't even heard of "The Rezort" prior to finding it by sheer luck. I was intrigued by the fancy movie cover, and surprised to realize that it was a zombie movie after having read the synopsis.

I had no expectations to the movie, especially since zombie movies often tend to turn out to be stinkers - no pun intended. However, "The Rezort" was an entertaining movie, albeit it did have its flaws.

The story is set in a post apocalyptic world where zombies have been confined to a remote island where a people pay money to go on a morbid safari, if you will. They are equipped with guns and can shoot zombies on the island. However, due to a security breach, something goes awry with the system and the zombies break free of their containment, chasing after those who where there to put them down.

Right, well the story was original, and it was actually quite entertaining. So a big thumbs up on that part. It was nice to watch something new and refreshing for a change, as zombie movies tend to stick to the traditional Romero-blueprint.

However, the movie wasn't of the biggest of budgets, and that was reflected in the special effects and zombie make-up department. I am not saying that they were B-movie bad, not at all. I am just saying that they could have profited from having better effects and make-up, because some of it was questionable.

Personally I have a hard time with zombies, or infected people, who are agile and running around. It just doesn't sit well with me. So it was a notch downward when they introduced fast, agile and running zombies in "The Rezort".

Honestly, then I don't recall any of the acting performances to stand out. With that being said, I am not saying that people were doing poor jobs. No, what I am saying is that people did good enough jobs, although there just wasn't anyone who was particularly outstanding or memorable.

All in all an entertaining movie, with a nice fresh take on the zombie genre. "The Rezort" is well worth watching, if you haven't already seen it, just as it is a welcomed addition to the movie collection of any zombie aficionado.