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A recent college graduate and his friends are forced to lower life expectations when they leave school for the real world. Life after college graduation is not exactly going as planned for Will and Jillian who find themselves lost in a sea of increasingly strange jobs. But with help from their family, friends and coworkers they soon discover that the most important (and hilarious) adventures are the ones that we don't see coming.

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Get a Job movie full length review - It's really a shame it isn't better...

It is a shame, 'cause this cast is pretty much incredible! It is such an assemblage of great talents. Cranston and Brie, for starters, two of the most engaging performances in the movie.

The two loved by the silver screen, Teller and Kendrick. Mintz-Plasse, the eternal McLovin! Braun and Jackson, with subplots much more interesting than the main plot! The cameos of Jorge Garcia and Jon Cho!

Acting wise it was quite fine, actually, nothing mind-blowin', but fine.

The problem was the writing. The subject is serious. The "millennials issue" is serious, I should know, I'm one of them. The problem with student loans, with finding a job, following your dreams, living among grown-ups. MAN, that is subject enough to pull a two hour drama to fly high in the awards season.

But, the writers and director decided to do a comedy, with flat characters, silly plots and some non-sense jokes that are funny every once in a while.

Marcia Gay Harden had to be the mean corrupted executive; Anna Kendrick had to be the uptight girl with a plan that is fired, smokes weed once and out of the blue becomes the hippie follow your dreams type; Miles Teller had to be the free spirited that sold himself for a good job and is put in a moral dilemma; Alison Brie had to be the nymphomaniac co-worker type; It makes me wanna say "scr*w it!" to the movie.

But, there was stories I enjoyed. Bryan Cranston's was delightful, until the final chapter. The doubt, anger, shame, hope and all the other feelings that come along when he looses a life time job, and isn't able to get back on his feet, switch places with his own son and dreams about the dream job. There's a good story. A story that feels real.

Brandon Jackson's storyline also was real, but sadly had so little time to evolve. That passion for the first job, that amusement almost hypnotic, the work, the money, even the feeling of finding others like yourself. And the fear and shame of scr*win' up. That's real.

Or even Nick Braun's, a little over the top, but still feeling real- ish. A person who don't gives a f*ck about his work and suddenly falls for the job and really find himself in the activity. That kind of stuff happens like everyday.

To finish that argument. No one works for the incarnation of evil. You might think that your boss is the anti-Christ itself, or that douché called Chad in every coming of age movie. Your boss can be a prick, but he wont the villainous type, that will do villainous things for his own profit. That kind of stuff is more nuanced.

And that's way the main plot was such a lousy thing to watch. Miles' character had an attitude about his work, that can only be called stupid. And Marcia's character had one that can only be called ridiculous.

In resume - Is an OK movie 'cause assembles great actors, that deliver some nice performances, but sadly it's poorly written. Isn't funny as a comedy or convincingly as a drama. It is a shame.