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Following a ghost invasion of Manhattan, paranormal enthusiasts Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and subway worker Patty Tolan band together to stop the otherworldly threat.

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Ghostbusters movie full length review - It's just a mixed bag

Which is why I am giving it a five. Dislikes: 1) They made the movie self-aware. The original Ghostbusters was funny because of the situations and the commentaries by Peter on them.

Example: when tracking slimmer in the original. Ray suggests they should split up, Egon agrees, and Peter makes the one liner "we can do more damage that way". They pass this style back in forth all through the movie. But at the core it is just 4 working stiffs that found something they were good at. 2) It is four Peter Venkmans and Kevin. They are all immature, there is no scientist, no childlike engineer, and blue collar worker. Just four comedians that try to one up each other. They have interesting characters, but they do not stick with that. Instead they just become four comedians trying to one up each other. In the original you know Ray was the one that messed up with bring the Stay Puft, why because he is the child like, fascinated by all of this and an engineer. By the end of the new Ghostbusters, they all came off as just the same character played by four people. Each basically showing off their one shot toys and each with the same look on their face. 3) They lost the threat. This one could have had a great threat to it. But the bad guy opening the portals should not have been the main threat. He was more like a minion who would have brought about Gozer, and Gozer would have probably killed him. Then have them battle that threat. I'm not asking for Gozer and actually am glad they did not go that route yet. But the pain and suffering that this bad guy brought was just watching him in that third act. He was great up until then. But they made a comedy instead of an adventure, horror, comedy, fantasy. 4) did not really need to be a reboot. The story was different, the people are different, the weapons are different. Should have just called it part 3 or 4 depending if you count the 2009 game. 5) The characters: Patty - should have been Kylie Griffin. Manager of an Occult bookstore that would have tied the scientist to the supernatural Holtzmann - should have stayed with the crazy mad scientist engineer. When she turns comedian instead of genius, she kind of lost me. Setting the lab on fire was good and the inventing and trying things out was good. The fart jokes, the mocking the government is where she is lost on me. Abby - should have been obsessed with the science to have actually built things. Instead she comes off as an idiot. The PK-Meter never done that before. Well who built the thing, maybe they should run it. Erin - should have been the comedian, or pure straight person. Brought in by her past which was good. The lady ghost standing at the foot of her bed, should have came back to either warn them or be the main villain. To me this was a waste of a good back story. Kevin - should have been just as involved but change him to the delivery guy of the Chinese restaurant who thinks he is the secretary for the Ghostbusters. Every line and funny moment just the same, only Erin could have meet him at Abby's lab only to have the office become upstairs to that restaurant. They could still rescue him at the end (with a better Villain). His flaw is they gave him the same line as Annie Pots right after she said it perfectly. 6) testing of field equipment. Why an Alley. We came to see Ghostbusters, not a paper ghost on a pole being shot at. All of this test equipment could have been played out on actual captures instead of an alley.

Likes: 1) they tried. Better than just having it sit on the shelf, and nobody else was able to get it done. And they are going to try again (you either improve or get worse). They have funny lines, equipment, and ghost. If everything was told as it being actual instead of a joke it might have worked for me. 2) They put in a ton of references to the other movie. This movie I think will be watched and viewed over and over again as just a reference spotter. How many Easter eggs, cameos, and lines can you spot? This is going to be a cult classic just for that. I may still be laughing at it for years to come. 3) Mike Hat the Dog. Just about anything that was improvised by Chris Hemsworth was just odd, quirky, and the best parts of the movie. Chris may actually get more than just muscle roles after this. 4) Almost a super slammer. The greatest invention of all time was taking the Ecto-1 and adding a massive trap to the top of it for major ghost haunting. Although the movie does not give us this, it got close to it. But there was a lot of good new equipment, not all but enough. 5) crossing over to the other side. Some of the best stories for Ghostbusters usually had the team entering into the containment unit to find something. The movie almost got this. 6) the amount of graphics and details to them. Sure you may think it was poor CGI. But there is a style to it and there are more details there then what you first see. Blu-ray will probably bring those out. 7) the actors. I think they picked good people for this movie. If the characters were more defined each of them could have played with it more within their style. 8) the possibility of a director's cut. the director said he filmed almost four hours worth of a movie. There is probably a lot that should have been left in to make more sense of things.