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When one of their own loses his wife and daughter at the hands of a serial killer, a team of ghost hunters is determined to capture the spirits of the loved ones so their spirits can finally rest in peace. But as the team goes deeper into the house, the ghosts become more hostile, and the group discovers the true secrets of the house and its murderer.

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Ghosthunters movie full length review - Great Film, Amazing Acting

What a wonderful surprise. As a horror fan I highly recommend Ghosthunters. It has a great twist that was very unexpected, also a story line that makes sense.

I am familiar with Pearry Teo's work, having recently seen The Curse of Sleeping Beauty. This film exceeded that film by far for me. The acting was incredible, stellar casting. I was very impressed with the emotional level and the adrenaline of the actors. The cinematography was also very well done. The set of the house also looked great (Curse of Sleeping Beauty) fell short for me in that department. I would definitely give this one a spin. I actually just purchased the DVD as well.