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The son of a schizophrenic mother and abusive father must unravel the mystery of his frightening visions before he succumbs to madness.

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Ghosting movie full length review - Creepy, Fun, Delightful

Ghosting is a delight, simultaneously satisfying horror fans and pleasantly surprising skeptics of the genre. It leavens horror with mystery, romance, and humor, then adds plenty of jump-in-your-seat moments to keep things moving.

From the very beginning you'll find yourself trying to see beyond the screen. Who's doing that? Why? What's really going on?

It's only later that you'll think about the fact that all this was embedded in beautiful cinematography, highlighting the various plot points without hammering on them. The light on the stream in the opening scene. The oddly ominous diner. The farmhouse that should be inviting but decidedly isn't. The photography is a perfect fit for the plot and the action, drawing you in and keeping you there.

But my favorite thing about the film is the relationships: Matt's fraught but loving relationship with his mother, the easy familiarity of Lindsay's parents. Most of all I love Matt's friendship with Charlie. True friendship between a man and a woman is not often represented in film, and its presence here is both appreciated and refreshing.

Ghosting strikes the perfect balance between creepy and fun, and is beautiful to look at in the bargain.