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When a dying old woman gives Zoe a cursed amulet, all of her enemies begin dying tragic deaths at the hands of a GNOME. Now, she must try to stop it before he kills those she loves

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Gnome Alone movie full length review - Surprisingly, this film is very funny.

I wasn't expecting much from this film to be honest but I really enjoyed it. The horror is slasher gore type, rather than tension building and jump scares.

The film takes time to establish the plot and the backgrounds of the main characters, into the second act the murderous feast begins with gusto. The dialog is corny, but beautifully delivered by the cast. The real magic comes from Verne Troyer whose delivery of lines during the gore is comedic gold.

This film plays to it's type so well, you get the feeling the whole thing is tongue in cheek. The plot is ridiculous and the characters are all stereotypes. But somehow, maybe thanks to the performance of Troyer and Kerry Knuppe it all comes together in what is essentially a fun film. Comedic horror at it's gory best.