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Following his wife’s death, public high-school teacher Michael Evens (Stephen Baldwin) re-launches the Bible Club she originally founded. When upset parents cite the separation of church and state and want the group disbanded, a passionate dispute erupts and threatens to destroy their small Vermont community. With his job, personal relationships and even his faith on the line, Michael must make tough decisions about the things that matter most. Corbin Bernsen and Lorenzo Lamas also star in this uplifting tale of strength, unity and love.

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God's Club movie full length review - Evangelizing our youth

The title says it all, God's Club. Join and/or support the club and God loves you. Don't think it has any place in public school than you are an enemy of the infinite Creator of Time, Space, and the Universe. Not someone you want mad at you.

Allison MacInnis and her husband Stephen Baldwin are teachers at a local high school somewhere in the Bible Belt. After a contentious school board meeting where her proposed Bible Club is discussed the two leave to go home and they are broadsided by another vehicle. MacInnis dies at the scene and Baldwin after an extended period of grief agrees to carry on. Of course those meanie secular humanists like Lorenzo Lamas oppose this because they see it as just a tool for evangelizing their kids.

Guess what, it sure looks like what Baldwin is doing is evangelizing the youth. Even Lamas's own son Nic Luken who is on anti-depression meds is buying into it. Of course the fact he's fallen for Baldwin's daughter Bridget Albaugh helps.

My belief is that if Christian kids want to have a Bible study club after school that's their business. But somehow I doubt that this same school is sponsoring a Gay/Straight Alliance group there. Gay kids are deep in the closet in this place no doubt. I'll bet Baldwin wouldn't want a GSA in his school. Probably Lamas wouldn't want one either.

It's the same fundamentalist message you see in so many of these films. We're the truth faith and we've got a duty to convert the world. You don't like it God will nail you good in the afterlife.

The sad thing is so many people buy into that in real life.