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When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her reasoned response lands her in deep trouble and could expel God from the public square once and for all.

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God's Not Dead 2 movie full length review - He's Not Dead and Don't Call Me Shirley

About half way through another propaganda film, we're told about a subpoena "demanding that (only Christian Churches, of course) submit copies of our sermons for the last three months.

" This enrages most of the top church leads basically saying the WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANS is ON! and their own laziness will cause the fall of the only true faith.

One of the actual civil-minded members tells the other conspiracy theorists not to "overreact." I'm with him. For the love of, uh, Pete?, who cares if the government wants copies of their sermons? Because:

1> What do you have to hide?

2> Are your church sermons in private? Meaning, are they held in secret so any member of the government wouldn't have been to any of the sermons initially?

3> Isn't the message of preaching to get the word out? Isn't this the main definition of that?

It almost sounds like this movie is using the same fear-mongering the politicians and media uses to get them on their side. For just this scene, if not many more, this movie is dangerous.

Where the first movie flip-flopped on who was right and ending on any non-Christian is scum, this movie blatantly tells you: "YOU ARE WRONG IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE US. IN FACT, WE ARE HYPOCRITES WHEN IT COMES TO PREACHING, NOT TEACHING, BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER: REMEMBER, WE'RE RIGHT." God, it does sound like the politicians.

Plus, this over-long Sunday School vid is so incessantly predictable, there is only one conclusion possible here?.so why waste two hours on how you know this will exactly play out?

In this over-dramatic, commercial-filled, Bible-quoting, ego-blasting and court-comedic soap opera, a history teacher answers a question in class involving Jesus and is immediately disciplined. After her refusal to apologize and retract her statements, a foreseen verdict is given at the end of both the movie and her trial.

At first, I sided with the teacher. The answer was relevant and I believed non-preachy. But, after the rules of the school district were clearly stated, I sided with the governing board. It's like this at any job. For instance, as the 2016 Presidential candidates got more and more controversial earlier in the year, my employment sent out a strict NO TALKING POLITICS while at work mandate. Sure, we can have opinions, I certainly do, but we will be disciplined if we discuss them.

I can see clearly why that rule is in place, as I can see it here in this case too. I know these Christians in this movie are trying to say they're being prosecuted and judged more than anyone else?in the world? but there is a reason for separating Church and State. What if the always-mopey teacher, Melissa Joan Hart, had kids and their teacher had extreme faith in Judaism, the Muslim teachings or even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? Would she want her children influenced by those teachers they admire by their true opposite-of-your faith?

This entire movie makes Christians look REALLY bad. The whole woe-is-me, damnation on Earth because of differences of their own is sickening with real problems of the world.

Look. Listen. There is a time and a place for everything. Even the Bible preaches that. Using government time, or any employer's work hours, ISN'T one of them. Especially when you're specifically told not to. You don't get to be the victim or martyr if you break the rules and look depressed all the time for uncalled for redemption.

This reminds me of Barry Bonds of the 2000s. Yes, I am a Christian. I was raised and believe in Christ. But, when I saw his cross earring while he batted for the San Francisco Giants, and then saw him do terrible things off the field, I thought: What a dreadful message he's giving to all Christians. This movie, or "statement," is the Barry Bonds of cinema.

Our depressed looking teacher was so blinded by what she thought was right, she never stopped to think: WWJD? Per her own commitment to the school she works at, she was wrong. But, noooo?since this movie and its/her message is so one-sided, she has to be right.

I digress. There are zero reasons to see this movie. Admittedly, it wasn't badly shot, executed, contained a few "okay, that was sweet" moments and Jesse Metcalfe is still stunningly hot, but as a whole, it's a terrible message to lie to people. Any true Christian should look at this and wonder if this dealt with another faith, would they still back it?


Final thoughts: Dang it. This is going to make me pop in my favorite courtroom film, which also lands in my top five best movies of all-time list: A Few Good Men. I definitely need to cleanse myself of such wrongful court proceedings on film.