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Fate, the pensions crisis and a steadfast refusal to accept the injustice of old age have contrived to force law abiding, retired couple, Arthur and Martha Goode into a life of crime.

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Golden Years movie full length review - A golden British comedy.

I went to see this at a senior screening (afternoon showing which includes tea and biscuits for our beloved old age pensioners) and some might think this is the target audience.

Even though I could hear plenty of laughter from the ranks above, there's plenty of current affairs a lot of them could relate to, which wouldn't offend, but bring home some realities.

The film includes pension pinching, poor care home staff and a failing health trust. The bowling club is under threat as is the bingo nights. And Bernard Hill, King of Rohan has had enough of the daylight robbery and turns to a life of crime himself; storming the West Country in his caravan, robbing building societies in Point Break fashion whilst sightseeing the stately homes.

Good cast of British greats including Simon Callow and Mark Williams; it's Brad Moore's full-of- himself Stringer that adds some office like humour donning cowboy boots and a fake tan. It's got plenty of comedy and some laugh out loud moments but there's not enough to be considered a roaring comedy. It has a decent soundtrack suiting the theme giving the film an upbeat attitude.

However that's about it, nothing more to say about the film but it is as the title suggests, it golden, good ol' British humour. Light hearted entertainment that's actually fun for all ages, especially if you like cucumber sandwiches and mobility scooters.

Probably best for when it's released on TV or make the most of the tea and biscuits and grab a senior screening like myself for cheap seats.

Running Time: 8 The Cast: 7 Performance: 7 Direction: 5 Story: 6 Script: 5 Creativity: 6 Soundtrack: 7 Job Description: 5 The Extra Bonus Point: 0

56% 6/10