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A look as the personal and professional lives of employees at an American news magazine in the late 1960s.

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Good Girls Revolt movie full length review - Love look at the past that shows young women what the privileges that have been one for them.

I think the program shows younger women what a past generation has won for them and rights, like equal pay, that are still to come.Young women need to realize there are still fights to win so the program needs to continue to show women they need continue to demand more.

Many older women have spent their entire lives fighting for the ability to have the same jobs as men and the same pay for the those jobs. I am excited that "Good Girls Revolt" tells the story of how women of another generation fought so for these rights so younger women could enjoy equal jobs and hopefully equal pay. It used to be that medical school or law school classes had one or 2 students in a class and now they are 60% women. We need to continue to educate this generation with shows that both entertain them and inspire them to action. i came to the show for its politics but stayed because i became so invested in not only their cause, but their personal awakenings and how complicated their lives became once they decided they needed and deserved MORE. i am looking forward to seeing how their lives evolve once their demands are on the table and above the radar in Season Two. Please give us more!!!