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Four high school students look to redefine themselves after graduation.

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Good Kids movie full length review - Humor Just Doesn't Work

Four lifelong friends, living in a summer resort town in Massachusetts, have just graduated from high school, and will be entering college in the fall.

They've been straight arrows up until now, but decide they want to reinvent themselves to experience all the things they've resisted and to make this their summer of "yes". Thus, they'll embark on a campaign to have as much alcohol, drugs, and sex as they can find, so that they'll be more ready for the college experience.

This sex comedy becomes quite raunchy as it progresses with lots of explicit language throughout, numerous implied sex scenes, drug use, and drinking. You might expect all these things in a teen film of this nature, but perhaps its biggest problem, in my opinion, is that it's just not funny. The humor constantly falls flat and can be even mean-spirited at times.

The acting is fairly solid from the cast, but they can only do so much with this weak screenplay. It's also a mystery to me why the most talented actress Ashley Judd has agreed to play a small role here as a cougar.

Overall, for me there were just a couple of laughs in the entire film and thus the low rating.