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Wrongfully accused and on the run, a top MI6 assassin joins forces with his long-lost, football hooligan brother to save the world from a sinister plot.

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Grimsby movie full length review - I Shouldn't Laugh But...

For those who know me you are well acquainted with the fact that I love dark comedies. I laugh at the most inappropriate things.

It's not something I'm proud of but I find that the more people I talk to the more I find I'm not the only one. I needed to get that off my chest before starting this review.

One more thing to know. I'm not a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen. BORAT had moments that made me laugh but wasn't something I'd revisit. I was so bombarded with ads for both BRUNO and THE DICTATOR that I didn't bother watching either one. I felt like far too many people were singing his praises based on far too little. I may have to alter the feelings I had about him after seeing this week's release THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY.

The film concerns two brothers left as orphans who were parted when they were young. Nobby (Cohen) is now a member of the lower working class in England who spends most of his days drinking and cheering on his favorite football (soccer in America) team when he's not having children. For years Nobby has kept a room ready for his long, lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) in the hopes of his eventual return. As England wins a chance to go to the world finals a friend tells him he's finally found Sebastian.

Parallel to this is the fate of Sebastian. The film opened with his escapades. He's a British spy for an elite squad of MI-6 and on assignment trying to prevent a major world crisis. At an event on his home turf he's there to protect a celebrity named Rhonda George (Penelope Cruz) from an assassin's bullet. Unfortunately as he attempts to shoot the assassin Nobby surprises him with a hug altering his aim and a young wheelchair-bound African AIDS victim is wounded instead (leading to one of the really inappropriate jokes in the film involving Daniel Radcliffe) while the real assassin kills the head of the World Health Organization. Now thought to be the shooter Sebastian is on the run with Nobby insisting they never part again.

The duo are on the lam, trying to avoid a maniacal killer sent by MI-6 to kill Sebastian and find out who the real killer is at the same time. Fortunately they have an inside source in the form of Jodie (Isla Fisher) who has a thing for Sebastian. With link ups to her they follow leads to Cape Town in South Africa where more hilarious moments occur, all of which are not printable or recommended for mixed company. Suffice to say the oddest involves hiding inside an elephant with her mate nearby.

Along the way the brothers become reacquainted with one another and Sebastian brings back memories he tried to suppress over the years. He also learns the reason the two of them really separated all those years ago. As they unravel the mystery the pair end up in Chile for the Cup finals with England's football team. If they can find a way to work together they just might be able to save the world.

Cohen does an amazing job as Nobby. He's a helpless goofball who has no idea how doofy he really is. At the same time you can't help but find him to be a lovable goof who is actually quite happy with the way his life has turned out. As Sebastian Mark Strong turns in yet another among a ton of fantastic performances. I can't recall anything I've seen him in to date that I didn't find his performance one to watch. The supporting cast does an equally impressive job and director Louis Leterrier shows he has a knack for comedy as well as action films (he was responsible for directing the first 2 TRANSPORTER films as well as NOW YOU SEE ME).

As I said at the start there is plenty of inappropriate behavior and comedy to be found here. Be aware going in that this movie has enough in it to offend nearly everyone watching. It's like Monty Python on steroids. Bodily functions, body parts and more can be found in the short 83 minute running time of this movie. But if you're one of those, like me, with a slightly twisted sense of humor you'll find yourself belly laughing more than once while watching this film. NOT for the kids or easily offended.