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The Hallows Estate is on alert as strange graffiti tags with messages declaring the streets will be taken over on Halloween night begin to appear on walls around the place, along with sightings of strange figures lurking in the shadows. One of the gangs responsible for the serious anti social behavior that give the estate a bad name, decide to take these threats head on and ignore the curfew on Halloween night. But who ever, or what ever, this new threat is, they seem to have the very night on their side as they make good on their promise of claiming the streets by frightening and violent means.

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Hallows Eve movie full length review - A clever, chilling and captivating new horror!

If you're looking for something which feels like it could happen to you - then this is the horror for you!

Set in a shabby estate, where youngsters seem to be creating trouble, lies a group of strangers who are trying to teach a lesson. The story shows a true representation of teenagers in the UK, which for once shows the story through their eyes instead of their parents. Race is finally not a barrier and characters from diverse racial backgrounds interact without having to focus nor mention to race related issues; making it in my eyes a very positive forward thinking representation. Characters are well thought, multiple layered, with intricate relationships, which are brought to life by extremely compelling acting throughout, especially the main characters interpreted by Sarah Akokhia and Ethan Taylor.

The story is terrifying and the end twist slightly sickening - definitely got me covering my eyes and gripping the seat numerous times.