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Kjell Bergqvist is a priest for the Swedish church in Thailand, and he is happy with his easy life in an exotic paradise. Maybe he drinks a little too much and maybe he flirts a little too much with the married women.

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Happy Hour in Paradise movie full length review - Funny Recovery from Sloth, Alcoholism and Gambling

A priest in the Church of Sweden, living and working far away from Sweden, has forgotten everything about being a priest even though he is still employed and paid to develop his church's presence in a country where hundreds of thousands of Swedish tourists visit every year.

When the Swedish prime minister is on her way to visit and open the priest's new church building, the priest needs to pull himself together because he has gambled away every penny he received to build it. Writer Niclas Ekström and actor Kjell Bergqvist deliver very witty and funny dialogue when Kjell Bergqvist's character as the priest tries to recover from years of sloth, alcoholism and gambling. Director Kjell Sundvall does a great job guiding the audience through the priest's journey trying to overcome his own overwhelming shortcomings and pitiable lack of character. The priest uses unorthodox methods but shows heart and a will to help the people around him, while the Swedish establishment seem more interested in exaggerated politically correctness than showing genuine heart. However, far away from Sweden all rigid rules might not be as important. Kjell Bergqvist is very funny and together with Kjell Sundvall they deliver great entertainment to their audience. 8/10