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A high school student struggling to help his suffering mom and their sick dog forms an unlikely friendship with a beautiful runaway.

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Hard Sell movie full length review - And that is what this movie was for me - a hard sell

Director/writer: Sean Nalaboff doesn't quite pull it all together in this flick and it was a hard sell to me. I wanted to like this movie but I found the characterization to be more uneven than consistent.

Plus the story is told as episodes in Hardy Buchanan's life - examples - there is Hardy with his emotionally unstable mother, these is Hardy with the beautiful runaway Bo, there is Hardy at the preppy school showing off Bo, there is Hardy dealing with the administration after his money making scheme is uncovered.

All these bits a pieces just do not come together as a flowing story. (At least that is how the movie comes across to me) Then his mother is put into a mental institution and we never really know what her problem is. Bo comes across as too together to be a runaway. And the outdoors party scene was confusing as Hardy seems an outcast at school but OK at a party.

I couldn't go with the intent of a boy having to become an adult at his young age. This story, as it is, doesn't develop the soul Sean Nalaboff is so trying to project.