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Forced into a deadly cat-and-mouse game, a disgraced mixed martial arts fighter is hunted through the jungles of Southeast Asia.

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Hard Target 2 movie full length review - Huge disappointment

Bought a pirated copy from the streets of Mumbai for only 50 rupees. I didn't have the patience n i knew it's not gonna release in India. As a fan of the original Hard Target, i was very excited for this.

Read my reviews of the original Hard target. I had even more high hopes knowing that my fav martial art hero Boyka aka Adkins was in it. Well, i was totally disappointed. This movie is so terrible n boring that I couldn't finish it in one sitting. I completed it in installments. Twice i yawned n felt asleep. First, there r too many unnecessary n boring fight scenes in the beginning. After seeing Boyka fight in one of the fights , our villain Knepper (nowhere close to the original villain Lance Henricksen) approaches him n tells him about this big fight match. Our hero accepts it n directly the next scene he is taken to some jungle in Burma. Over there our hero comes to know that he has to run n cross the border as he will be hunted by the hunters with various weapons. Rather than saying WTF, our hero asks the villain n gang "whats the matter with u guys". With jus a 60 second head start, our hero manages to outrun n eventually kill one of the hunter. After all the running n escaping the bullets, arrows, bombs, etc, our hero falls down a hill n that landing is so far away from the hunters that he manages to take his own time, he encounters a hot girl in the middle of a jungle, she is suppose to be a tribal/forest dweller but looks more like a hot model. Our hero gets ample time to chat, our heroine gets time to take our hero to some secret hideout where our heroines brother is already hiding from the hunters. For how long was the brother in the hideout? How was he managing his food n other needs. Our heroine applies some herbal medicines to our hero's wound. She manages to pray to some idol n offer incense sticks. She even manages to make our hero kneel down before that idol. Oi, I forgot to tell ya one thing. One of the hunter is a female (Rhona Mitra). Looks like she was jus there for the paycheck. She is everybody's type. This is her answer to our hero when our hero tells her that she is not his type. Our hero is being chased by so many men with guns, bows n arrows, bikes, jeeps, helicopter and at close range, but he manages to stay alive. Too unrealistic. Because our hero is not some ex navy/military/cia operative. He is jus a drunkard n a ring fighter. I am a big fan of Scott Adkins. But this guy is doing some real bad films. Most of his films r direct to dvds. He shud avoid becoming Michael dudikoff or Steven seagal. Some highlights- decent cinematography n the way Rhona mitra gets killed is innovative. Very bad n lazy fight/action sequences.