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Love is everything with a young man journey's from the north to south of Chile to fulfill a promise.

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He Hated Pigeons movie full length review - Amazing

Just came home from an extraordinary experience. Ingrid Venninger's new film He HATED PIGEONS is amazing. It's wonderfully paced, impossibly beautiful, deeply moving...

and totally engaging. Her star, PEDRO FONTAINE, gives a beautifully nuanced and subtle performance... a performance that the film allows time to breathe and grow. Equally impressive was the live music. I haven't had that experience in a cinema since the TIFF glory days when the old silents were making the rounds. Ingrid and her cinematographer Dylan MacLeod force one to truly confront the epic and monumental landscape of Chile... and it perfectly compliments the emotions on display. I was so so IMPRESSED. Ingrid is a national treasure....and for me personally the perfect kick in the ass.