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Jack is a solitary man with a mysterious past. His strange habits will soon become stranger when his past catches up with him.

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He Never Died movie full length review - Human Echoes Review: He Never Died is Seriously Kick Ass

The last movie I saw at Mile High Horror Film Festival was easily one of the best. He Never Died is a story about a man outside of his own time.

An immortal tough guy / bingo enthusiast named Jack (Henry Rollins) is targeted by goons after helping a friend escape an attempted debt collection. If you've seen the trailer, you know that this really doesn't go well for the bad guys.

Jack is a complete social outcast. He follows a routine every day. He eats at the same diner, he walks, he plays bingo and when forced to talk he tries to be as vague as possible. He's completely walled off, and only the efforts of his until-recently estranged teenage daughter and the waitress of his favorite restaurant can get anything out of him.

At its core, the movie is a brutally violent look into a small slice of an unending life. The isolation and loneliness are palpable. Jack tries to blend in and go unnoticed, avoiding all connection when he can since it will inevitably end in pain. More than that, he seems to be the magnet that attracts suffering to those around him.

We follow Jack as he weaves a web of destruction through bad men and the good people in his own life. At times he seems to be completely without empathy. He is selfish, but in an effort to keep those that he would hurt away.

Despite the dark nature of this film, it is quite funny. Moments of levity are sprinkled in with violence and it helps to keep you engaged. There were many times when the theater erupted into laughter, only to be silenced moments later in reaction to the bodily horrors being witnessed. The actual horror comes from the damage inflicted by Jack, but also the damage he takes. At one point you see him performing surgery on himself in full gory detail. The effects are perfect and deliciously disgusting.

This movie stood apart on a weekend filled with revenge flicks and grotesque examples of human nature. Henry Rollins's performance was a clinic on cold anger and silent frustration. His reactions showed a boiling desperation that occasionally overflowed into furious violence. He made a character that could easily be wooden or unlikable into one of the best featured in the entire MHHFF.

I would highly recommend He Never Died to any horror fan. It's not a movie to scare you, but the action is very well done and Steven Ogg (GTA V, Better Call Saul) is a great bad guy. Rumor has it that this will end up being a series of movies. I really hope so, I'd love to spend a few more hours in Jack's world. Lord knows he'll be spending quite a few more hours in mine.

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