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A father is without the means to pay for his daughter's medical treatment. As a last resort, he partners with a greedy co-worker to rob a casino. When things go awry they're forced to hijack a city bus.

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Heist movie full length review - why didn't this movie Release At Movies ?

very well written very well made the story paced is very fast movie is mixed of speed, Taking of Pelham 1,2,3, John Q, Swordfish, 3,000 Miles to Graceland witch is not copyright it doesn't share samething on this movie noting got to do with BOMB IN BUS !

i love idea of film cast is so super great choices to pick Jeffrey dean Morgan is a such great actor has very good performance, Dave Bautista as usually being bad ass he has good performance not on this movie. Robert De Niro is great actor he's just there for his paycheck noting else he's not really part of movie but he is in it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes as usually must in 40 minutes of movie it's Jeffrey Dean and Dave and Gina and 5 or 10 minutes of de niro.

these actors were big actors expect Gina is working her way up for her career as actress these actors like Robert de niro, dean Morgan playing in movies for extra money to be in low budget movies this movie didn't make much, 8.9 million, box office is 3.1 million witch it's shame because this movie didn't become bigger movie expect it went in DVD and blu ray witch is shame for making movie like that and for these big actors in film. story & how it is written is very well

(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) Luke Vaughn is divorced father who is a casino worker he explained to his boss Francis "The Pope" Silva for money (Robert De Niro) about his daughter is in Hospital with illness Francis disagree Luke. Luke plans to get 2 guys to make groups of 3 gangs rob casino knowing money is, he talked and made his own crew (Dave Bautista)Jason Cox, Bodyguard from casino rob Francis Silva Casino. Luke had a getaway driver who just drove off after the heist at casino robbery running at bus stop hijacking bus with full of hostages, (Gina Carino) Officer Krizia "Kris" Bajos is in it in all movie. but no martial arts only one punch at Dave Bautista Gina Carino is in it but she doesn't do much as in fighting or shooting

there were a lot of action in movie not huge best movie like speed, speed got bigger budget then this and bigger action movie then this. very fast paced very well written but problem is if you think it's called Heist as in bank robbery, all that like heat or town or American Heist it's noting like that it's more three gang members end up on a bus. And where they are forced to keep the passengers hostage. in Australia movie is titled Bus 657 witch is number of bus Title Heist people keeps thinking it's bank robbery, more like Taking of Pelham 1,2,3, keeping people as hostage and for father daughter for money like john Q is mixed with speed. i loved this movie set of story it's well written it's fast paced, great cast i loved the way it's made i think it's big mistake when directors Writes called heist i would call it Bus 657 better name to make people think it's different not much of action there is a lot shooting not much explosions few surprises in movie that you go wow i didn't know that i expect this movie to be longer like heat more actors this deserved 2 hours long with Action with Surprises not knowing what is going happen next this movie doesn't share with speed at all movie is more of it's own i would never put this movie over top of speed. this is still great film i would watch it million times it's fun 10.10