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A teen faces a night of terror when three malevolent trick-or-treaters come knocking at her door.

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Hellions movie full length review - Laurie Strode gets knocked up with an H.P. Lovecraft baby...

Jeez, where to start. OK...Laurie Strode (Halloween) gets knocked up with an H.P.

Lovecraft baby and enters a "Trick'r Treat" movie ripoff complete with "Sam" & the "Children of the Corn" who have moved to Salem and are having their strings pulled by, "The Lords of Salem"...I think that about covers it. I actually liked the movie because it did remind me of some of my favorite horror movies, especially "Trick'r Treat", but I think that's not enough to save it from a law suit for copyright infringement. Seriously, the Sam ripoff was just over the top! Are original horror plots that hard to come up with? Must be. Personally I can't wait for the sequel to, "Trick'r Treat". Sam is easily the best Halloween character to come along since Michael Myers & no doubt this is why his twin brother appeared in this film. The music score was excellent, again, because it was a "Trick'r Treat" ripoff. Some might prefer the word inspired to ripoff but I call it like I see it or in this case, hear it. I see some commentators suggest a pro-life agenda, I see where they might get that. I've always thought childbirth something straight out of "Humanoids from the Deep" or "Prometheus" amongst other horror movies and have never quite understood why anyone would want to give birth to a parasite that continues to suck the life out of the mother/father for what must seem an eternity to the parents but that's another topic. One could just as easily see it as a pro-abortion movie so there you go! I gave it 6 out of 10 stars...almost gave it 7 and probably should have, I've seen much worse. I kept waiting for the baby to whip out a tentacle in the last scene of the movie and wave to mommy. That would have got me to 7 or 8 stars, they should have let me write that last scene. If they would have, there would have been money made available for a sequel. Guess we'll just have to wait for, "Trick'r Treat II"...it's coming. Happy Halloween!