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David Helfgott says what he thinks, plays what he feels and touches in the truest sense of the word. The Oscar winning film SHINE was inspired by his life story and brought him world fame. In 1970 the Australian child prodigy pianist suffered a nervous breakdown. He spent 11 years in mental institutions. In HELLO I AM DAVID we embark on a journey to discover not only the concert pianist, but also experience his unique view on our world: a world of love, wonder and wisdom.

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Hello I Am David! movie full length review - Deeply emotional story about a true genius

aThis world be much poorer without this man.

Music gives meaning to his life and his love and passion for music saved his life. If you share this love, this film is a must see. Especially, if you have seen the film "Shine", you will be surely interested in having deeper insight into the life of this great musician.

Director Cosima Lange follows him and his spouse on his tour in Europe, with lots of details from their private life as well as parts of his performances with incredible playing. In that way, we are able to see two sides of this man that are in deep contrast. On the stage, he is a true genius who touches your heart with playing heavenly music of Rachmaninov. But, when he is with his spouse in the hotel room or at home, he acts like a child as a consequence of his mental illness, he does many foolish things and his spouse struggles to control his strange behavior. Nevertheless, he is full of life, optimism and willingness to share it with his audience and every human been he meets. So that you will definitely feel deep empathy with his personality when you are aware of 10 years of hell he has been through in hospital.

This is a masterpiece that shows all the greatness and bitterness of the human condition.