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Henry Gamble's Birthday Party takes place over 24 hours at the birthday pool party of 17-year-old preacher's kid Henry Gamble. The party guests include adults and teenagers from his church, as well as Henry's "secular" friends, including the closeted young Logan, who has eyes for Henry.

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Henry Gamble's Birthday Party movie full length review - Jesus takes a dip

It's Henry Gamble's 17th birthday and preacher daddy want to have a memorable birthday party! After this party nobody is going to forget Henry Gamble's 17th birthday.

Here's the plot - the movie opens with Henry and a male friend in bed talking about 'dick size' and Henry is very interested in this topic. Why they were in bed together is never explained. They go to breakfast and dear ole' preacher dad is more interested in getting the party going than Henry. That afternoon Henry's friends and the parents friends slowly show up and the party is on.

The young'uns all go for the pool and the parents sit on the terrace and exclaim how awful it is that the girls are so scantily dressed! (The writers must have forgotten it is the 16th year of the 21st Century) Now all these teens are unsure if Jesus likes everybody or not because one guy is openly gay and black! Jesus might not like this but who cares lets party! So Henry's preacher dad finds the wine and starts his own personal communion with Jesus and his wife isn't too happy about this. In the meantime one of the girls goes on a screech fest at her boyfriend and she runs around the neighborhood and a guy named Logan goes to the bathroom and takes a razor blade to his face!

The setting is lavish! The father of Henry is a minister (keep that in mind) and his house is very grand indeed with a big pool and stone terrace and steps. The inside of the house is worthy of a House Beautiful layout. For a preacher he's done very well for himself! At movies end Henry has the gay black guy in bed with him and they are talking 'dick size'. The end!