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A family takes refuge in a fallout shelter to avoid a dangerous outbreak.

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Hidden movie full length review - This movie is a tease. Its pacing and story just adds to the frustration.

The first two-thirds of the "The Hidden" features a married couple dwelling in a dimly lit bunker.

Yes: it is every bit as tedious as what you'd expect-- lot's of hushed whisper talk, dim lighting, and vague talk about some "event" that (kind of) explains what's reduced this family to subsistence living. Apart from being annoying and frustrating, the married couple couldn't look and act more waspish, so it's impossible to accept them as gritty survivors after an apocalyptic event.

What makes the couple especially annoying is how they treat the daughter. Seriously: she's less of a character and more of an object/plot device. If not for constantly talking down to daughter, the prissy conversations about her, and the... "math" lessons, this yuppie couple would go *insane* with boredom.

What do I mean by saying the girl is a plot device? Only in a movie would a "loving" father talk so condescendingly with his own child. The scene with the father, the daughter, and the toy car was unrealistic and uncomfortable. No child is an angelic simpleton like how most movies would have us believe, and it's not only patronizing to her, but to us, the audience, as well. The couple knows what "the event" was, but in refusing to tell the child the truth, we miss out on the truth ourselves. Gah!

Instead of spending so much time hunched over with their hands on their knees to address the girl at eye-level, I think it would've been more interesting to see the dark thoughts in the girl's mind. Or at least see what these guys were using for toilet paper. And how they were keeping their faces so clean and their hair so perfect looking. (And it must've been easy on the movie's budget to film two-thirds of it in a dimly lit bunker. Ah, movie magic.)

But things get kicking in the movie's final act. Without spoiling anything, there's a clever plot twist that, in a way, turns the "innocent angel child simpleton" cliché on its head-- but it arrives much too late. If the film introduced us to this plot twist sooner-- at perhaps halfway through the film-- it would've been a much stronger movie. Instead, the plot twist merely remains at the "clever" level, and the few ideas and implications it conjures are left undeveloped and unexplored.

So: this movie is a tease. Its pacing and story just adds to the frustration. Very forgettable and drawn out.