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The life of Jorg Geissner, a German banker, totally transforms with a visit to Paladiki Island, Greece. A business trip to check on a project called “Galapagos in Greece” by the islanders and for which his bank extended a loan and credit, brought him there. Being a German, he wants to investigate thoroughly, but Panos, a mini-mart owner, and the mayor try their utmost to sabotage him—to camouflage a not-so-good reality. After every single trial resulted in nothing because of the islanders’ secret meddling, Jorg’s trip becomes elongated, like The Odyssey’s, forcing him to contemplate the priorities and responsibilities in life again.

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Highway to Hellas movie full length review - On the spot

Forget the Big Fat Greek wedding. This is the movie to watch, if you want to know how Greece and Greeks tick and work. Of course it does have some clichés in it and you cannot put a whole country in one drawer.

But this is as close as it gets to show a mentality, that is fun on one hand, but can also be catastrophic on the other.

And while some might feel this could possibly divide Germans and Greeks even more or make a rift between them, I do believe it actually is bringing them closer together. You'll know what I mean after watching this. It's so on the spot with certain things, that though they shouldn't be funny, you can't help but laugh. It's a fine line this movie walks on and it does a stellar job keeping the good work throughout. You may not feel sympathy for one or more characters, but let them develop, let them embrace one another and maybe you can see what they see too ... Hopefully you will ...