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When Harvey (Harry Macqueen) hears that Lola (Lori Campbell) is returning home after years abroad he arranges to take her away for the weekend to the sea-side cottage where they spent so much of their youth. What follows is a touching and beautiful story of a old friendship rekindled within a new context. Hinterland is a poetic journey of self-discovery and heartbreak in contemporary Britain, a very original and visually stunning road-trip film.

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Hinterland movie full length review - Wistful, but plausible

No spoilers here! The movie had a grip on my attention within the first ten minutes. If I had to use one word to sum it up, that would be wistful...

there was an undercurrent of sadness throughout the movie. Not great tragedy, but a sense by the main characters that something was missing or absent in their lives.

I was intrigued by the minimalism throughout - no doubt as a result of an extremely tight budget. But it worked extremely effectively. I was very focused on the characters because there was no "big budget" distraction(aside from the glorious scenery).

Initially, I felt the ending was a little abrupt, but on reflection (and this is the kind of movie that makes you reflect) it actually encapsulated the worlds or the main characters...without the need for blatant explanation.